Halloween Green Tips

Pumpkin LargeHalloween is just around the corner and Environmental Health would like to offer some recommendations on how to keep your Halloween safe and pollution free for all.

Below are some tips to have an eco-conscious Halloween celebration.

  • Decorations – Make your own! Be as creative as you can. It’s not too late to make some Halloween decorations from materials in and around your house. Some ideas include:
    • Use the netting in orange bags for spider webs
    • Turn boxes into tombstones.
    • Use old sheets to make a ghost.
    • Stuff old clothes with newspaper to make a scarecrow. Even better, dig out last year’s decorations and just spruce them up with natural items such as leaves and pumpkins.

  • LED Lights – Purchase LED lights to light up your walkway path or to decorate that window. This helps save energy.
  • Costumes – Make your own! Or costume swap with friends and neighbors. Or, if planning for next year, keep old clothes that can be used as parts of a costume or go through your donation pile to see if there is anything that can be repurposed. And when you’re finished with this year’s costume, donate it to a good cause or a friend or save for your costume swap next year!
  • Trick or Treat Bags – Repurpose items around the house, such as a bucket, pillowcase or a reusable bag. If you want to be festive, decorate the reusable bag in Halloween colors and it can be reused.
  • Pumpkins – Buy local and don’t throw out the seeds. Roast them for a delicious snack. When the pumpkin is at the end of its road, compost it.
  • Treat – Give healthy options for treats or purchase treats with minimal packaging or compostable packaging (such as paper instead of plastic). Also, be sure to go through your child’s bag of treats before they stuff themselves. You want to remove any candy that looks like it’s been tampered with.

Have any other tips to add to the bunch? Let us know in the comments below.

To all, have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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