2016 Pollution Solution Resolutions

Make 2016 a year where your resolutions will help protect the environment, your wallet, and even your health! There are many green resolutions to choose from, but here are five suggestions that can have a big impact if you commit to them throughout the upcoming year.

1. “Make It a Habit and Grab It” – Still kicking yourself for buying a bag for 25 cents while shopping? Start saving money and a lot of trees by committing to putting your reusable bags by the front door, or in your car after each shopping trip. Don’t have enough bags? Email us with your mailing address at pollutionprevention@smcgov.org and we’ll mail you one!

2. “Meatless Monday” – Take meat out of your diet just one day a week to help reduce your chances of heart disease by as much as 19%. You will also be helping reduce up to 2,500 gallons of water and 40 pounds of greenhouse gases like C02 from entering the atmosphere, because that’s how much it takes to produce as little as one pound of meat! Ditching meat for a day is easier than you think; check out some delicious meatless recipe suggestions here.

3. Find a Carpool Buddy! – Do you have a coworker or friend that lives or works near you? Ask them to join you in your 2016 New Year’s carpooling resolution! When you commit to a carpool schedule just one to two times a week, you can cut commute costs by 50%, enjoy the luxury of the carpool lane, and for every gallon of gas you save by ridesharing you help keep 25 pounds of pollutants from entering our atmosphere! Can’t find a carpool buddy? Find one at https://rideshare.511.org/

4. “Do Your Doody” – You may be bringing your bag to the store, but are you bringing it with you on walks with your dog? Help protect local waterways, San Mateo County surfers, and wildlife from E.Coli and other dangerous toxic bacteria by remembering your bags on walks. Your neighbors, local surfers, and the environment will thank you for it!

5. Go Reusable – Start 2016 by saying goodbye to one-time paper cups and yes to a reusable mug when enjoying your daily cup of Joe! Don’t drink coffee? Commit to this New Year’s resolution by bidding one-time water bottles farewell and using reusable bottles to hydrate throughout the day. Going reusable helps protect your pocket books while also protecting our waterways from plastic litter that never biodegrades. You can find reusable mugs and bottles at local stores or online. Better yet, get two and share them with a friend to help them get into the reusable habit too!

Are you ready to commit to preventing pollution with one of these resolutions? Comment below and let us know what green commitment you are going to make in 2016! First 15 comment responses will receive a reusable surprise!

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