Update: Food Placarding Has Started

Have you seen a PASS placard around?

Have you seen a PASS placard around?

For the past few months, Environmental Health Service’s food program has been hosting a series of “How to Get a Green” sessions for restaurants to help prepare for the food placarding system that officially launched on January 1, 2016.

The sessions taught restaurant employees and management how to get a green placard by avoiding the five most common food violations that contribute to food-borne illness.

In the past few weeks in preparation for the launch, food program staff began giving out green placards for food establishments that already meet the green pass standards. The slideshow below shows a few of the pass placards handed out thus far. As inspections happen in the coming weeks and months, expect to see a placard up at restaurants throughout the County.

Have you seen one? Share with us a photo in the comments section below and receive a free reusable bamboo utensil set (while supplies last)!

For more information about the food placarding program, or to view the presentation that was shown to restaurant employees and management, visit Environmental Health Services’ website at www.smchealth.org/placarding

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