Batteries, Batteries Everywhere!

Do you know how to recycle old batteries?

Do you know how to recycle old batteries?

Have you ever opened a drawer in your home and found a pile of unwanted batteries you don’t know what to do with? You are not alone!

Batteries are used in so many of our everyday devices that we often find ourselves left with a drawer full of them piling up and don’t know what the next step is to get rid of them. Don’t fret, because we have the answers for you! There are many battery recycling options available in San Mateo County, and if you want to keep batteries from piling up in the first place, purchasing rechargeable batteries may be the solution you have been looking for.

Are Rechargeable Batteries the Answer?

There’s constantly a debate about whether or not rechargeable batteries are more cost effective than disposable batteries. The answer is rechargeable batteries work best for devices that consume a lot power and that you use frequently.

An example of a high power device is a GPS tracker; it drains a lot of power and is designed to run for long periods of time. Common examples of devices that may not require a rechargeable battery option include a TV remote or a smoke detector. These devices may be used daily but don’t require a lot of power to run. So consider the devices you use and the power it consumes to determine if rechargeable is the most cost effective choice.

Want more details on rechargeable batteries? Check CalRecycle’s web page here.

Recycling Your Batteries

In California, all batteries are considered hazardous waste when discarded. This means your size AA, AAA, C, D, button, 9 volt, single-use, and even rechargeables must all be disposed of in a proper manner once they no longer work. Batteries are considered hazardous because they contain materials like lithium, cadmium, mercury, and nickel that are toxic to the environment.

Drop-off Recycling Options: Many small hardware stores and local libraries host collection bins for batteries. Visit RecycleWorks to find a recycling location near you. Select category: Hazardous waste.

Pick-up Recycling Options: If you live in a single family home in San Mateo County, you don’t even need to leave the driveway to recycle your batteries! You can simply put household batteries in a clear zip top bag and place it on top of or under your recycling lid on garbage day. Check with your garbage company to get the specifics.

Now that you know more about batteries, spread the word to friends and family so we all make sure no hazardous waste ends up in the trash or our environment.

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