Healthy Nail Salon Program Launches Text and Email Discounts for Residents

Maite Nail & Skin Spa, Burlingame

Maite Nail & Skin Spa, Burlingame

San Mateo County has partnered with certified salons to create a FREE Healthy Nail Salon Reward Program! Residents who join have an opportunity to enjoy a safer manicure and pedicure experience while getting rewarded for it with access to periodic paperless discounts that are redeemable from your smartphone or iPad.

Why Join?

If you like getting your nails done but find yourself avoiding salons because of the strong smell, we encourage you to subscribe and use your discount to visit a salon certified by the County’s Healthy Nail Salon Program.

Nail salons, owners, and technicians certified by the program have committed to improving indoor air quality by using safer products and practices in order to protect your health, and the health of employees.

Safer practices found in certified salons include turning on a ventilation unit when applying or removing artificial nails to filter out acrylic dust and fumes.

Safer products found in certified salons include only using acrylic powders and liquids that do not contain MMA (methyl – methacrylate), and nail polishes that do not contain toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate, more commonly known as the “toxic-trio.”

How Do I Join?*

It’s easy! To join from a smartphone, text the number 384-70 with the word “healthynails” and wait for a confirmation text.

To receive paperless email coupons, visit and enter your email address.

*Your information will NEVER be provided to a third party and will only be used to send discounts or provide you with important Healthy Nail Salon program updates.

Participating Certified Nail Salons

Envy Nails, Belmont

Lulu Nail Spa, Burlingame

Maite Nails, Burlingame

Spa Elysee, Burlingame

Ann’s Nail Spa, Menlo Park

Today’s Nails, Millbrae

Kim’s Natural Nails, Pacifica

Pro Nails, Pacifica

Bamboo Nail Spa, Redwood City

Advantgard, San Carlos

Manicute, San Mateo

For more information, or assistance with subscribing to the program, please call (650) 339-9526.

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