Recycle Used Motor Oil Filters (But NOT in Your Garbage or Recycle Bin)

A used oil filter may contain up to 10 ounces of used motor oil inside.

A used oil filter may contain up to 10 ounces of used motor oil inside.

What happens when a used oil filter is improperly disposed of? The oil trapped inside the filter will ooze out and contaminate our streams, neighborhood streets, and the local landfill.

Once oil contaminates a landfill, over time it can gradually reach underground water sources. The California Department of Resources Recycling & Recovery (CalRecycle) estimates there are at least two million gallons of motor oil lost when filters are not properly recycled at a used motor oil and filter collection center.

Oil filters that are disposed of properly are recycled and remanufactured into cars, cans,
appliances and construction material. The oil inside the oil filter can also be recovered, filtered, and reused too!

Autozone and O’Reilly Auto Parts stores are two businesses among many that accept used motor oil and filters from the public for free recycling. Some of your local
garbage companies will collect filters at the curbside, but if they don’t, remember, filters don’t belong in your garbage or recycle bins. Find your neighborhood used motor
oil and filter collection center at

Filter Recycling Rewards

Several free filter exchange events are held throughout San Mateo County each year. Filter exchange events are targeted at do-it-yourself oil changers (DIYers) who do not
know that filters can be recycled along with used motor oil. DIYers bring their used motor oil filters to an event, and in exchange for the used one they get one new filter for
free! In 2015 alone 265 oil filters were recycled at these events which helped provide 80% of the steel needed to build a new car!
Sign up for filter exchange event text message alerts by texting FILTER to 38470 (no more than 10 texts per year will be sent out.) Visit for more information

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