Get Ready for the 32nd Annual Coastal Cleanup Day


There are over 30 locations in San Mateo County to help clean up!

Join us on September 17th 9am-Noon to participate in California’s largest volunteer event that helps clean up and protect our beaches, shorelines, creeks, neighborhoods and parks in San Mateo County. These locations have historically been collection spots for trash and debris, and if not removed, can be harmful to marine wildlife and human health.


One of the most commonly littered items is cigarette butts, which is the focus of this year’s cleanup. Cigarette butts end up on our coast and waterways where they leach
lead, arsenic and other harmful chemicals.

Last year over 29,000 cigarette butts were collected by 4,339 volunteers in the County, with a total of 30,000 pounds of trash and recyclables picked up.

The County is always looking for amazing volunteers to help make this event a success year after year, especially champions like Brandy Chenoweth who is the Site Captain
at Tunitas Creek Beach in Half Moon Bay.

“I am just extremely passionate about keeping our coastline clean and not adding to the already gargantuan problem of plastics and other contaminants in our oceans that not only harm marine life, but filter down to our water and air,” says Chenoweth.

For a list of cleanup locations and more information, visit


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