2016 Coastal Cleanup Day is Another Success!

Volunteers at Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay ready for a cleanup.

Volunteers at Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay ready for a cleanup.

Last Saturday thousands of volunteers showed up in San Mateo County to clean up litter on shorelines, beaches, parks and neighborhoods in honor of Coastal Cleanup Day.

From Brisbane all the way down to Pescadero, over 3,871 volunteers of all ages showed how much of a difference one event can make. In just three hours volunteers collected an estimated 22,299 pounds of trash and 3,754 pounds of recyclables from over 33 sites on the bayside and coast by climbing hills and even wading through water! For a few volunteers it was worth it because they were lucky enough to uncover a few of the most unusual items of the day, such as a backpack full of crabs in Half Moon Bay and an old police radio in Burlingame.

Coastal Cleanup Day draws individuals, families, friends, community groups and neighbors together to showcase the power of a community working together to help keep San Mateo County clean. Because of all our dedicated volunteers over the years, we’ve collected over 346,000 pounds of trash and recyclables since 2005! On behalf of the California Coastal Commission, the County and all our local partners, we want to thank everyone who came out and cleaned up.

If you were not able to make it out this year, you can still make a difference. Coastal Cleanup Day is always the 3rd Saturday in September each year, so it’s easy to mark your calendar now for next year. In addition, you don’t need to be part of a group to host a cleanup. You can start one at your school, local community group, or your neighborhood. Contact San Mateo County’s Pollution Prevention Program at pollutionprevention@smcgov.org and we can provide you with the supplies (gloves and bags) to start your own cleanup.

It only takes one person to further the cleanup movement! Get started now and help us all keep San Mateo County clean!

Check out some photos from the big day below:

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