Environmental Health Tips

ehtipsIn honor of tomorrow (October 5) being “National Do Something Nice Day,” Environmental Health Services (EHS) is relaying answers to some of its most frequently asked questions from the public and businesses.

From food inspections to hazardous waste dumping and everything in between, read on for useful tips that may come in handy in the future.

  • Filing a complaint – If you have a complaint about a restaurant, food truck, a hotel or motel, or want to report a hazardous materials spill, fill out EHS’ online complaint form.
  • Food inspection results – Find out how your favorite local restaurant scored on its latest inspection here: smchealth.org/foodinspections
  • How do I dispose of [name of hazardous waste]? – From batteries to cleaning chemicals to paint and propane tanks, San Mateo County offers a free disposal program for residents. You must make an appointment and limit waste to under 10 gallons or 50 pounds. For more information and how to make an appointment, visit: smchealth.org/hhw
  • Are my local beaches safe? – To see if your local beach or creek is safe and free of bacteria, check our beach and creek monitoring page: smchealth.org/beaches
  • Backflow prevention assembly devices – Wondering what a backflow device is or why it is an important tool used to protect our drinking water supply? Head over to the program’s web page here: smchealth.org/crossconnection

Have other questions about EHS programs? Check out our website: smchealth.org/environmentalhealth

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