Dispose of Medicine Safely

safemeds-3788-merchantThere are now over 20 locations where you can go to get rid of unwanted or expired medicine!

Find a location near you that now includes local pharmacies at smchealth.org/RxDisposal. Don’t see your local pharmacy on the list of collection locations? Ask the owner or manager to join the MED-Project Safe Disposal Program to make medicine disposal more convenient for you and your neighbors!

Before you head to a kiosk collection location, check to see if your items are accepted by viewing the list below, and make sure your medicine is prepped to protect your personal information.

• Over-the-counter and prescription medicine, including controlled substances
• Medicated ointments, lotions and creams
• Liquid medicine
• Pet medicine

Not Accepted:
• Personal care products
• Sharps/needles
• Waste containing blood or infectious material
• Empty pill containers
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Aerosol cans

Prep your meds:
• Dump pills into plastic bags.
• It is OK to use one bag for different types of pills.
• Protect your personal information by peeling off the label or blacking out labels with a permanent marker. Keep liquids, creams and gels in their original packaging.

Drop off meds:
Find a convenient location near you at smchealth.org/RxDisposal

REMEMBER: Protect our environment and your family. Never flush meds down the toilet or throw them in the trash.

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