There’s a New Refillable in Town!


Four million disposable one pound propane cylinders are sold every year in California alone.  Consumers are spending around $4.00+ per disposable cylinder, just to be able to use about $0.30 worth of propane gas inside.

What happens to these cylinders once they are empty? Some folks chuck them into their garbage bins, since they can’t go into regular recycling, or they call their local hazardous waste hauler. There are some people that leave them behind at parks after BBQs, or let a pile of cylinders accumulate in their garage. Some people even buy adapters to refill them, which is extremely dangerous since they aren’t manufactured to be refilled!

As a result of improper disposal, our parks and local governments are paying up to $3.50 to recycle each cylinder. Your “fun” funds are being used to purchase expensive single-use cylinders and your tax dollars are paying for the high cost of disposal.

Luckily Flame King and Manchester Tank have found a reusable solution!

Refuel Blog kid with stove

Refillable cylinders are now an option for all campers, BBQ cooks and tailgate party chefs to save money while saving the environment from pollution.

Purchase your refillable cylinders at any of the 126 California U-Haul locations that dispense propane or 200 West Marine locations in the U.S. They are also available at select REI and other outdoor equipment and sporting goods stores, and online through REI, West Marine, Home Depot and Walmart.

For a complete list of refillable cylinder locations, visit,

San Mateo County has four Refuel Your Fun locations. Check them out below:

U-Haul Moving & Storage Of Belmont
554 El Camino Real
Sells empty and full cylinders. Will also refill cylinders.
(650) 592-4036

U-Haul Moving & Storage Of Redwood City
2200 El Camino Real
Sells empty and full cylinders. Will also refill cylinders.
(650) 365-6233

 West Marine San Carlos
1119 Industrial Road, Ste No. 2
Sells empty cylinders only.
(650) 593-2070

REI San Carlos

1119 Industrial Road
Sells empty cylinders only.
(650) 508-2330

Home Depot East Palo Alto

Sells empty cylinders only.
1781 E Bayshore Road
(650) 462-6800

What Can You Do to Help Spread the Word?

  1. Like & share posts on the RFYF Facebook page.
  2. Tell your local store that sells disposables to carry refillables!
  3. Tell your friends and family about refillables!




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