Prevent Cigarette Butt Pollution

Milbrae Receptacle

Have you seen this receptacle before?  In 2016, four cigarette butt receptacles were installed in downtown Millbrae to help smokers have a place to stash their cigarette butts. The receptacles installed reduced butts by 49% near the installation area over a four month period.

Cigarette butts continue to be the most commonly littered item in California for over 27 years. Butts may be little in size, but check out the HUGE  and expensive problem they cause in the infographic below.

Cig butt infographic

When cigarette butts are littered, wind and rain wash them down storm drains, which lead directly to the San Francisco Bay or Pacific Ocean.

storm drain

In an effort to help protect our waterways, wildlife, and your health,  the Pollution Prevention Program wants to make cigarette butt litter disappear and we need your help!

Seals dont smoke

ashtray and window cling

Email with your mailing address to have a pocket ashtray, auto ashtray, and/or car window cling mailed to you.  These items are available while supplies last.


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