Ditch the Disposables

Calling all campers! Beckoning all BBQers! Tempting all tailgaters! Summer is approaching, and we know you’ll be fueling up your portable stoves and barbeques to grill up the juiciest hot dogs and roast the perfect veggies. That means it’s time to go reusable with 1lb. propane cylinders.


Campers power their portable stove with a refillable 1lb. cylinder.


Why go reusable? Reusable cylinders benefit your wallet, the environment and protect your community from fire hazards.

Reusable cylinders pay for themselves after only 3-4 refills and can last up to 12 years. If you are a member at Sports Basement, you can even get refills for free! Save your wallet by no longer paying for the metal container that accounts for 80% of the price consumers pay for disposable cylinders.

Disposable propane cylinders are hazardous due to the gas residue that remains inside once they are no longer of use. Cylinders often get improperly disposed of, causing a high risk of explosion or fire for the trucks transporting them and the processing facilities where they end up. Play it safe, make sure cylinders are completely empty and have the valve removed before disposal. If you have a full or partially full cylinder, or just aren’t sure, treat it as hazardous waste and make an appointment to drop it off so it can be recycled and handled safely at smchealth.org/hhw.

Whether you are powering a camping stove, lantern or even landscaping tools, refillables are the answer for your wallet, the environment and your community. Start your spring sustainably, visit ReFuelYourFun.org to learn more and find out where you can get your refillable cylinder, today!

*Remember, NEVER attempt to refill a single-use propane cylinder at home due to safety hazards.


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