San Mateo County Environmental Health Services Division ensures a safe and healthful environment in the county’s 20 cities and unincorporated areas through education, monitoring and enforcement of a variety of regulatory programs as well as ongoing services to the community. Services include restaurant and housing inspection, household hazardous waste and medical waste disposal, water protection and water quality monitoring, pollution prevention, and other regulatory activities and services.

For more information about our services, check out smchealth.org.

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  1. I saw your article on cigarettes and cigarette butts. Most of the butts I see are along roadsides. I know many smokers who don’t like to litter their cars, but find the open window a way to make the problem simply ‘disappear’.
    If you want a product the drivers might use, perhaps a disposable cup shaped plastic container with perhaps a trap door. That would fit one of the many cup holders now built into most cars. I don’t smoke so I can’t make real suggestions about the design. I do have one friend with the standard habit of tossing her butts as if they would simply vanish. After starting my yard on fire I gave her a small bottle (teflon no less) for her waste. She never used it.


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