Coastal Cleanup Day, Saturday, September 21st


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Calling All Volunteers!

Do you ever see litter on the road and want to do something about it? Now’s your chance! Join 5,000+ volunteers in San Mateo County on Saturday, September 21st from 9 a.m. to Noon and help stop litter on our streets from becoming ocean pollution on Coastal Cleanup Day.

Coastal Cleanup Day is an annual waterway and land cleanup that is celebrating its 35th birthday as the largest cleanup event in the State!

Why You Should Volunteer:

• Improve your community by cleaning up and protecting the environment and wildlife.

• Build connections with different individuals and organizations participating.

• Make a difference and help remove commonly littered items such as cigarette butts, plastic bags, food wrappers, and bottles.

• There are over 40 cleanup locations that include beaches, creeks, waterways, parks, and neighborhoods throughout the County.

• Volunteers will receive a 20% off Sports Basement coupon (while supplies last).

• A perfect event to attend with your family, friends, or co-workers.

• All volunteers who bring a reusable bucket, gloves, mug, or water bottle get a stainless steel reusable straw and cleaner! (While supplies last)

• Select Cleanup sites are participating in Pacific Beach Coalition’s Butt Blitz so that all of the toxic, plastic, smelly cigarette butts you pick up will be recycled.  

Coastal Cleanup Captain Spotlight: Realtor by Day, Litter Hero by Weekend

“Everyone gains a better
understanding of watershed education when creeks, bays, and
inland areas are included in Coastal Cleanup Day activities.”
— Davena Gentry,
Bedwell Bayfront Park Coastal Cleanup Day Site Captain

Davena Gentry has been keeping the Bay clean at Bedwell Bayfront Park in Menlo Park for the past five years. As a realtor by day, Davena incorporates her love for the environment into her career, and has earned a Green Designation from the National Association of Realtors. She enjoys educating children about how litter flows downstream, where it often originates in creeks and streams before reaching the Bay and ocean.

Join Davena and many other earth heroes on Coastal Cleanup Day – Saturday, September 16th. Visit to find one of the 30 Bay or coast cleanup sites in San Mateo County!

2016 Coastal Cleanup Day is Another Success!

Volunteers at Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay ready for a cleanup.

Volunteers at Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay ready for a cleanup.

Last Saturday thousands of volunteers showed up in San Mateo County to clean up litter on shorelines, beaches, parks and neighborhoods in honor of Coastal Cleanup Day.

From Brisbane all the way down to Pescadero, over 3,871 volunteers of all ages showed how much of a difference one event can make. In just three hours volunteers collected an estimated 22,299 pounds of trash and 3,754 pounds of recyclables from over 33 sites on the bayside and coast by climbing hills and even wading through water! For a few volunteers it was worth it because they were lucky enough to uncover a few of the most unusual items of the day, such as a backpack full of crabs in Half Moon Bay and an old police radio in Burlingame.

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Get Ready for the 32nd Annual Coastal Cleanup Day


There are over 30 locations in San Mateo County to help clean up!

Join us on September 17th 9am-Noon to participate in California’s largest volunteer event that helps clean up and protect our beaches, shorelines, creeks, neighborhoods and parks in San Mateo County. These locations have historically been collection spots for trash and debris, and if not removed, can be harmful to marine wildlife and human health.


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Coastal Cleanup Day a Huge Success

Volunteers at Mirada Surf in El Granada.

Volunteers at Mirada Surf in El Granada.

Once again, San Mateo County residents came out by the thousands to clean up trash around the county on Coastal Cleanup Day, which took place Saturday, September 19. Residents on both the coast and bayside of the county slogged through sand, waded through mud, and climbed hillsides with buckets and bags, trash pickers and gloves, and a whole lot of spirit. Young and old participated as groups of friends and families turned out to make a difference in three short hours on the hot and sunny day.

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Making a Difference by Cleaning Up

Celine Gerakin is a Pacifica Beach Coalition Site Captain who also leads a cleanup team on Coastal Cleanup Day

Celine Gerakin is a Pacifica Beach Coalition Site Captain who also leads a cleanup team on Coastal Cleanup Day

By Celine Gerakin, Guest Blogger and Coastal Cleanup Day Site Captain

I started cleaning up beaches around Half Moon Bay in late 2013 after I moved to the area with my husband. This quickly became an addiction, and I knew I wanted to do more, be more involved with the coastal environment, and make a bigger difference. So I joined the non-profit organization Pacifica Beach Coalition and started cleaning up beaches on a weekly basis from Mussel Rock in Daly City to Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica. Continue reading