Because Pretty Shouldn’t Stink

Does your favorite nail salon have one of these?


Certified Healthy Nail Salons that provide acrylic nail services in San Mateo County do!

The filtration system allows you to breathe easier knowing it’s there to protect your health by reducing hazardous fumes and dust that are emitted from chemicals in acrylic powders and liquids, nail polishes, and removers.

For over three years, San Mateo County has continued to partner with certified salons by providing a filtration system and continuing education on how to protect everyone’s health while in the salon.

Today the Program proudly recognizes 14 salons in the County and over 100 salons throughout the state of California, and the number of certified salons
keeps growing.

Is your go-to salon not certified? Give us a call, and we’ll help your salon “get the
stink out” by asking them to join the Healthy Nail Salon Program for free at (650) 339 9526.


For a complete list of certified salons, and to get text or email discounts to a certified salon of up to $5 off, visit

Healthy Nail Salon Program Wins Harvard’s Roy Award

148124317831308San Mateo County’s Healthy Nail Salon Program Coordinator, Kathryn Cooke, ventured to Boston in November to accept the 2016 Roy Family Award for Environmental Partnership given by Harvard University on behalf of the County.

The program is a partnership between nail salons, the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative, Asian Health Services, and the counties of San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda, Santa Clara, and the City of Santa Monica. The purpose of the program is to improve ventilation and protect nail salon workers and customers from hazardous chemicals found in nail products.

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Healthy Nail Salon Program Launches Text and Email Discounts for Residents

Maite Nail & Skin Spa, Burlingame

Maite Nail & Skin Spa, Burlingame

San Mateo County has partnered with certified salons to create a FREE Healthy Nail Salon Reward Program! Residents who join have an opportunity to enjoy a safer manicure and pedicure experience while getting rewarded for it with access to periodic paperless discounts that are redeemable from your smartphone or iPad.

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Environmental Health Services: Who are we and what we accomplished in 2015

ehlogoEnvironmental Health Services is a division within San Mateo County Health System that ensures the restaurants you frequent are safe, the hotels your family and friends stay at are pest free, and residents and businesses that live or operate in this County are properly disposing of hazardous waste. Our Division is also responsible for protecting water by making sure septic tanks and groundwater are managed properly, graywater is used safely, and so much more! There are approximately 70 of us working on a variety of programs, including our amazing administrative staff.

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Nail Salons Go Healthy

Look for this logo at your favorite Nail Salon to find out if they participate in the program.

Look for this logo at your favorite Nail Salon to find out if they participate in the program.

Have you or a loved one ever walked into a nail salon, and immediately noticed a strong smell of chemicals? Nail technicians are routinely exposed to many hazardous chemicals for long intervals of time. Chemicals used in nail salon services are known to contain carcinogens, reproductive toxins, asthmagens, acute skin and respiratory irritants that could lead to adverse health conditions. While customers are not exposed to the chemicals for as long, there is still cause for concern for those who visit nail salons often. Continue reading